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In-person worship: September 6 & 20

Worship via CTV: September 13 & 27 

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Peace, Friends

Well…there’s some bad news, good news, and bestest news!

The bad news…while the broadcast was fine, because of a technical glitch at the station, the archived recording is a bit wonky (and super low def) until just past the 23:25 time mark.

The good news…the technical wonkiness clears up just past the 23:25 mark.

The bestest news…the musicians are so skilled at their craft that the music pierces through the fog of technology and stirs the soul. The Laudate Dominum ethereal, the Bach illuminating.

So…with that said…we are delighted to share with you the September 13 broadcast featuring inspirational music with special guest, soprano Sheila Dietrich, and organist Peter Nikiforuk, prayers including requests from across the country, readings, a message, and the celebration of Holy Communion.

Soprano Sheila Dietrich is originally from Elmira and completed her Bachelor of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. She performs opera and oratorio and has worked with ensembles across Canada including Les Violons du Roy, The Calgary Philharmonic, and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Her most recent CD release is a recording of a Scarlatti with Capella Intima and Nota Bene Baroque Ensemble. Sheila currently lives in Perth, Ontario with her husband, three cats, and several overly full bookshelves.

We offer these worship elements for you to use this day or at your convenience; the timeline is listed below so you can jump to the pieces that are helpful for you. Hymn numbers are for Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

Blessing on your worship! 


0:00        INTRO

0:35        OPENING

2:46        BLESSING FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR (crafted, largely, by Kimberly Knowle-Zeller)

5:06        MUSIC 1   867 In Thee is Gladness

                            with chorale prelude by JS Bach as an introduction

10:52        READING Genesis 50:15-21

12:07        MUSIC 2  “I Will Sing of Thy Great Mercies” from Mendelssohn’s Oratorio St Paul

14:40        READING Psalm 103:8-13

15:32        MUSIC 3 Laudate Dominum (Praise the Lord, You People) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

19:26        GOSPEL           Matthew 18:21-35

21:31         MUSIC 4 Prelude and Fugue F major (JS Bach)

25:09        TEACHING

References: Jake Owensby (Looking for God in Messy Places); Nadia Bolz Weber (; Elizabeth Hoffman Reed (Liturgical Conference & Gathering at the Table); E.L. Worthington (Dimensions of Forgiveness); Mary Elizabeth Kenel (Liturgical Conference)

35:12        MUSIC 5  606 Our Father We Have Wandered

                            with chorale prelude by Johannes Brahms as an introduction

40:26        PRAYERS

43:31        MUSIC 6  482 I Come With Joy

45:29        EUCHARIST

This communion liturgy has been crafted and adapted from a variety of sources and authors, and spans several denominations and continents. See: Bread and Wine Online (pmphillips); Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church: Eucharistic Prayer for the Global Pandemic (Rev Lane Cotton, Rev Juan Huertas); Scattered and Gathered (Simon Woodman); Evangelical Lutheran Worship; St. Bride’s Holy Communion (Miranda Threllfall-Holmes); Online Communion for Palm Sunday (Rev Maren C. Tirabassi)

50:28        MUSIC 7  If God Be For Us – from Messiah (Handel)


55:46        MUSIC 8  834 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise



St. Peter’s had planned to host a few public labyrinth walks in the coming months as a way to re-invite the community into the labyrinth space, and to revive labyrinth programming; due to social distancing, we have had to put the walks on hold for now.  However, this does not mean that we can’t take advantage of what the labyrinth has to offer, while we are staying close to home. Click Labyrinth in the navigation bar to find out more.

Church building access is limited by appointment only

In-person worship on September 6 & 20

Worship via CTV September 13 & 27 



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