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Theology Pub

Theology pub meets monthly to discuss challenges to and from traditional conceptions and contemporary culture. It is an adult forum - that takes place in a local pub - for sharing genuine questions, doubts, perplexities and contrasting perspectives on contemporary issues and traditional teaching. Besides the historical contexts of ideas, we consider how they connect with current issues.

Let's be clear, any issue can be put on the table and talked about; there is a place for you, your thoughts and your questions - it's all welcome here.

Theology Pub rocked the first half of 2017!

We've had a great start in our new locale...the people at B@THEMUSEUM couldn't have been more welcoming and their general awesomeness was off the charts.

Be sure to join us for the next post summer go

TUESDAY OCTOBER 10th at 7pm at B@TheMuseum (10 King St. W)