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Health Ministry


The Health Ministry and Parish Nurse of St. Peter’s are committed to the health of the whole person, serving God’s will by helping people live physically, mentally and spiritually healthy lives.

Mission Statement:

In communion with the ministry of Christ, the Health Ministry and the Parish Nurse endeavour to promote and maintain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the congregation and the community beyond by:

~Heightening awareness and understanding of the role of the spirit in health and healing

~Fostering collaboration within the faith and healthcare communities

~Improving access to appropriate resources

~Decreasing fragmentation in the healthcare system

~Reducing the incidence of preventable diseases and injuries

What is a Health Ministry Team?

~A team who works collaboratively with the Parish Nurse and Pastors

~Members of the congregation who are dedicated to the integration of faith and health

Role of the Parish Nurse

~Offers spiritual care to members of our faith community

~Health assessment, counseling and education

~Liaison with community agencies, health professionals and pastoral team

~Blood pressure assessment

~Makes visits to homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities as required

~Facilitator of support groups and volunteers

~Supports activities promoting healthy lifestyle

~Resource person